Getting around Sarajevo is relatively straightforward, with various transportation options to explore the city and its surroundings:

By tram and bus:

Sarajevo boasts an efficient tram and bus network covering all city parts. GRAS, the city’s public transportation company, operates these forms of public transportation. You can purchase tram and bus tickets from kiosks, onboard trams, and buses, or through a mobile app.
• Single tickets typically cost around 1.80 Bosnian Convertible Marks (BAM), and they are valid for one ride within the city limits. Make sure to validate your ticket when you board.
• If you plan to use public transportation multiple times in a day, consider buying a daily or weekly ticket, which offers cost-effective options for unlimited travel.
• The tram and bus routes are well-marked, and timetables can be found at major stops and online. Look for “Tramvaj” for trams and “Autobus” for buses on the signs.

By taxi:

Taxis are readily available throughout Sarajevo, and you can either hail one on the street or call a taxi company. Taxi fares are reasonable, and ensuring the taxi meter is running from the moment you start your ride is essential. The initial fee is typically around 1 BAM, with additional charges for distance and waiting time.

Here are some reputable taxi companies in Sarajevo:
• Sarajevo Taxi: +387 33 1515
• Crveni Taxi: +387 33 760 600
• Samir & Emir Taxi: +387 61 161 111

By car:

While Sarajevo has a road network that allows you to explore the city and its surroundings by car, it’s important to know local traffic rules and parking regulations. Street parking is available, but check for parking signs that indicate payment instructions and hourly rates. You can pay for street parking at parking meters or through mobile apps.
There are also several public parking lots and garages in Sarajevo, including options near the city center, which can be a convenient choice if you plan to visit the Old Town or other attractions.

By walking:

Sarajevo’s city center is pedestrian-friendly, and many of its attractions are within walking distance of each other. Strolling through the historic streets of Baščaršija, exploring museums, and enjoying the city’s vibrant atmosphere are best done on foot.
Sarajevo’s rich history, diverse culture, and welcoming locals make it a captivating destination. Whether you choose to navigate the city by tram, taxi, car, or on foot, you’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in its unique charm and explore its many treasures.


Enjoy your time in Sarajevo!

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